How To Use Social Media To Build Your Personal Brand

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The internet is flooded with Real Estate Agents that are “half doing” social media. By that I mean most Agents have set up a few social media profiles, but haven’t fully filled them out and are often left to sit with the last update being months ago.

You’ve probably heard of employees not hiring an individual because of the way that they portray themselves online. It is now a quite common part of the hiring process for most companies to do a quick search on social media, to find out a bit more about a person.

The exact same process happens in real estate. It is second nature now for most sellers to do a quick search online before actually calling an agent.

What they find in this search can often determine whether you get the call or you don’t.

If people search for you online and the either can’t find anything about you, or they find an incomplete, out of date profile with poor quality images and content. You are setting yourself a long way behind the eight ball.

Your online brand is an essential first step in pre-selling potential clients on yourself as an agent.

Put simply if you don’t have a professional online brand you are costing yourself business.


Define Your Objective

Before you start any Marketing/Branding campaign you need to know what your end goal is. What do you hope to achieve from your personal brand? What do you want people to see when they search your name?

With the end goal in mind it is easier to craft a strategy to get you the desired outcome.


Identify Areas of Expertise

Your areas of expertise define who you are and what you do. Agents that have the strongest personal brands aren’t Jack of All Trades, trying to cover all ends of the marketplace. They have a few specific skills that they hammer on and build there brands around that.

What do you want to be known for?

Who do you want to attract?

Are you the apartment specialist in the CBD?

Are you the local community based agent?

What is your background before real estate that gives you an edge over other agents?


Keep Your Online Brand Consistent With Your Offline

You’ve probably heard of the horror stories around online dating when someones online presence doesn’t match the offline. It’s similarly important as an agent to display a consistent message online and offline.

Use an up to date picture of yourself, there is no benefit in using an picture from 5 years ago just to look younger online if people are going to struggle to recognise you.

Keep your branding and messages consistent online and offline. You want people to be able to immediately recognise you if they search for you online.

Inject your personality into your social media posts, share things that interest you as well as real estate related content. Share images at your favourite coffee shop and of other things that make you the agent you are. If humour is your strength, use that throughout your posts.

When it comes to what you should and shouldn’t post, I think Ray Wood sums it up the best.

People don’t care about your listings. They are on Facebook to see what their friends are doing, to show a photo of an experience they just enjoyed, to complain or to view photos of their sister’s holiday in New Zealand. They would rather see a photo of your dog than your listing.


Be interesting and show your personality, don’t just push the same old “Just Listed” posts that every other run of the mill agent is doing.

Personally I would avoid posting anything to do with religion, sex, or politics but asides from that if it aligns with your values go for it.

Don’t try to be somebody you’re not. When a potential client sees you online, you want to deliver the same experience when it comes time to meet in person.


Create a Strong Positioning Statement

A positioning statement is a short summation on who you are and what you do.

When developing a positioning statement it is important to keep your clients in mind.

Even though you are creating the statement about you, it’s not necessarily designed to be for you. It’s meant to attract your ideal clients, so put yourself in their shoes when you write it.

Your positioning statement should describe what differentiates you from other agents in the area. Peoples news feeds are already filled up with enough stuff already.

If you want them to follow you or take the next step and call you, it is important that you stand out from the crowd.


Keep A Consistent Look and Feel Across All Platforms

Your choice of colour, style and message should be consistent across all of your social media platforms.

If you are using a navy colour scheme on your personal website, don’t make your Facebook page yellow.

Just like it is important to carry the same branding online as you do offline. It is just as important to have consistent branding across all your online accounts.





What do you think? Is your online brand up to scratch? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

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