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Build Your Real Estate Personal Brand

The term “personal brand” gets thrown around a lot these days.

And as an agent you probably realise how essential it is to have a strong personal brand.

Everybody is trying to strengthen their personal brands in their areas in order to stand out and make a connection with clients.

For instance when you think of Fredrik Eklund you probably think of his High Kick and prestige New York real estate agent. Read more

personal brand on social media

The internet is flooded with Real Estate Agents that are “half doing” social media. By that I mean most Agents have set up a few social media profiles, but haven’t fully filled them out and are often left to sit with the last update being months ago.

You’ve probably heard of employees not hiring an individual because of the way that they portray themselves online. It is now a quite common part of the hiring process for most companies to do a quick search on social media, to find out a bit more about a person. Read more

building your brand

As a Real Estate Agent your personal brand is everything to you. It’s the instantly recognisable first thought that comes to somebodies mind when somebody thinks of you.

The mistake that most new Real Estate Agents make when building a brand is usually a lack of consistency. Ultimately they end up time and money redesigning images and graphics for marketing materials when they should be looking for congruency. Read more