Get Past The 5 Excuses Real Estate Agents Make To Not Be On Youtube

Youtube has become one of the best ways to get in front of and engage new clients. Many industries have embraced youtube to generate new business, however most real estate agents are still making excuses to not be on youtube.

You know that youtube can be a powerful tool in your business. Now all you need to do is overcome these 5 excuses to not be on youtube.

5 Excuses Real Estate Agents Make To Not Be On Youtube


I don’t know what to talk about

The simplest answer is to talk about things that your clients want to hear.

Take note of common questions that you regularly get asked. Because chances are if people are asking you about it, there are more that are searching online about the same topic.

Talk about relevant information on the local area and real estate market.

You are a bank of information, chances are you just don’t realise it.


No one will watch my videos

Did you know that 73% of Homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor who offers to create a video for them. But only 4% of agents put their listings on youtube?

Not only that but 11.5 million Australians use YouTube. And Real Estate Listings that include a video recieve 403% more inquiries than those without video.

To put it simply, people want to watch Real Estate videos! Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch in in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (Invisia Reports).


I don’t like talking on camera

This is a common one and probably the biggest objection that holds back Real Estate Agents from starting out on Youtube. It can be hard initially to talk to a camera, and some people can feel awkward.

An easy way to get around this when you are starting out is to just get somebody you know to interview you. Get them to ask you a question about the topic you want to explain in your video and either have them record it or leave your recording device setup on a desk where you don’t even have to look at it. The benefit of this is you can just talk normally to the person interviewing you and you will speak more naturally.

You can use this technique and gradually you will become more used to talking on camera and you can begin recording yourself looking just talking straight into the camera.

It can also help for the first couple of videos to just publish them after you have done a good take and not go back and over analyse every facial expression and word that you say.


I don’t have enough time

Your videos don’t need to be long, a couple of minutes talking into your camera can create an awesome piece of content that will generate you leads for years to come.

Everybody can spare at least 15 minutes a week to record a quick video and post it online.

You don’t need to spend hours editing and producing a video before it goes live. In fact most videos I wouldn’t edit at all! Make your video, say what you have to say and load it as is. People will respect your authenticity.


I don’t have the money or equipment to make good videos

The good news is you don’t need to pay for expensive production equipment and cameras to make a good video.

Today the camera’s in a smartphone a more powerful than cameras that they were making movies with 15 years ago.

You can make a fantastic looking video from the palm of your hand, without having to spend thousands on recording equipment.


Hopefully this article has overcome your objections to get started on youtube. Let us know when you have created your first video! We love to see other agents getting started.

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