10 Things Successful People Do Each Day

10 Things Successful People Do Each Day

The most successful people in every field regard themselves as their biggest asset. They look after their body and continually look to grow through education and self improvement.

If you want to become a better Real Estate Agent and successfully grow your income and the amount of people you help you first have to start by improving yourself. Dedicate some time each day to improving yourself and becoming the best ‘you’ that you can be.

10 Daily Success Tips

1. Eat Breakfast

eat breakfast to increase productivity

Starting your day off right is important for your productivity during the day. In order for you to perform during the day you need to fuel your body. Take an extra few minutes in the morning to eat a meal or drink a shake and it will pay dividends later in the day.


2.Plan Your Day

 plan your day to improve productivity for rela estate agents

First thing in the morning make a to do list of what you are going to accomplish that day. Look at your schedule and see what calls you need to make and clients you need to see. I find that I am my most productive when I list out my entire day on a piece of paper the night before so as I can just go along and do tasks that need to be done at the time they need to be done by.


3. Don’t Check Your Email Right Away


increase productivity for real estate agents

It’s easy to sit down at your computer and open up your emails first thing in the morning. However we all know how easy it is to get distracted reading email and checking news articles. If you can try and get your most important daily task done first in the morning that can help with the rest of the days productivity. Then by the time you go to check your emails you are already in work mode and are less likely to get distracted by junk emails.

4. Remember your purpose

increase productivity for real estate agents

Take a look at your goals each morning to get motivated to work hard each day. Think about your core customers and how you can best help your clients.


5. Single Task

focus real estate agent

When you have too much going on at once you are never really productive. The people that get the most out of each day are those that can focus on one task at a time until completion.


6. Visualise


Close your eyes and envision your success. Experience the feelings that you will feel when you achieve your goals. You need to immerse yourself in those feelings. You may find it beneficial to use a vision board with pictures of some of the things that you want to achieve to help you in this process.

7. Delegate

Delegation for productivity for real estate agents

Doing everything yourself is a sure fire way to get overrun and fall behind in your work. Every successful businessman and Real Estate Agent know that they are more effective when they can have somebody else to help them out with the simpler but more time consuming tasks in their day to day business. Hiring somebody to help with your workload can free up your time to make sales and do the important revenue generating activities.


8. Value Your Time

value your time in real estate

Unlike money time is a non renewable resource. There is absolutely no way to get more of it. Spend your time doing the most important things for yourself and your business. Those are usually the things that make you the most money. Avoid distractions as much as you can and remain focus on your goal. Whenever someone requests a meeting with you, ask as many questions on the phone with them as you can this will drastically reduce the length of the meeting and will give you a lot more time in your day. Alternatively you can have these questions asked automatically when they request a meeting online on your website. See how this can be beneficial to your here.


9. Say No

say no to get more success as a real estate agent

Real Estate Agents especially feel the need to say yes to accept every opportunity that comes their way. However not every opportunity is going to move you towards where you want to go. Make sure you are selective about what you agree to invest your time in.

10. Clean your Desk

clean desk for real estate agents

At the end of everyday get the clutter of your desk and sort out what is rubbish and what is actually needed. Having a clean desk will help you tomorrow when you can sit down and get straight to work.


How many of these things are you already doing?

If you found this article helpful feel free to share it with your colleagues and team. Thanks in advance.

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