8 Clever Ways to Triple Your Article Output and TrafficEvery writer spends hours writing, researching and finalising the content of their article. Once we’ve posted the article, we would always want and assume a flood of likes and even shares of our masterpieces.

However, not all articles on the internet reach the intended users and followers, especially if you don’t have the right optimisation and marketing strategies to go with them. So, how can a content marketer reach his target audience?

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is marketing killing the real estate agents business

This is a great article I found from Marie Youngblood Krebs on her site GhostBloggerMarie.com. In the article she highlights the importance of investing in your brand as a Real Estate Agent and being able to separate yourself from all of the other Real Estate Agents in your area.

So here it is. Let me know what your thoughts on this topic are and if you think that you are investing enough on your personal brand.

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