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We all know it is essential to keep our real estate websites up to date with content, however this is easier said than done.

Creating fresh, unique, and relevant content can be a difficult and time consuming process.

As a real estate agent you have a lot of other things on your plate demanding your attention. Read more

How to get more uses from your real estate content

It’s no secret that content is commodity of the internet and that if you want to stand out online you need to be producing and distributing content across multiple platforms.

Finding time to sit down and create outstanding content can be difficult. That’s why it is essential to get the most bang for your buck when you create something.

I have created this infographic to show you seven ways to use one piece of content. Read more

8 Clever Ways to Triple Your Article Output and TrafficEvery writer spends hours writing, researching and finalising the content of their article. Once we’ve posted the article, we would always want and assume a flood of likes and even shares of our masterpieces.

However, not all articles on the internet reach the intended users and followers, especially if you don’t have the right optimisation and marketing strategies to go with them. So, how can a content marketer reach his target audience?

Here are some ways you can do in order to reach your target audience. Read more