How You Can Grow Your Brand On Facebook As A Real Estate Agent

A question I’m often asked is how can I grow my audience on social media and is it possible to generate a leads from it.

There are a lot of social media sites out there. The one that is by far the most useful from a real estate agents perspective, in terms of reaching and engaging with potential clients is Facebook.

Facebook for real estate agents

Facebook currently has about 15,000,000 users in Australia.

Your ideal clients are spending increasing amounts of time on the social media platform, so it’s important that you have a strong presence there.

There is enormous opportunity to build your brand as a the best agent in the area and generate leads from Facebook.

Why Facebook?

Facebook has the best ad platform available for use. There are an enormous amount of targeting options to get your message in front of your ideal client.

Facebook allows you to run your ads to a very targeted audience. We have the ability to target People that live in your area between a specific age group and that own the homes they are living in.

This kind of targeting is not available in any other form of advertising.

The benefit being that it costs a lot less to reach more of the people that are actually going to do business with you sometime in the near future.


Facebook for real estate agents

How To Build Your Brand on Facebook and Generate Leads


The aim of any real estate marketing campaign is to show that you’re active in the local area and selling houses similar to those that your potential client is looking to sell.

This is the same thing that you would do with your DL’s, bus bench’s etc.

So with that in mind we can create a campaign to help brand you as the expert real estate agent in your area through the use of Facebook.

You can create an ad like this for each new property that you list or sell.

Real Estate Facebook Ad


This ad gets you face in front of your ideal clients and brands you as an agent that is selling houses.

Imagine if your potential client is seeing a different post each week with a new listing or a new sale.

How powerful would that be to your business?

This ad isn’t designed to sell the property, get buyer leads or anything like that (although it may do that). It is purely designed as a way to keep yourself in front of your ideal clients on a regular basis on a platform that they use daily.

Build Your Brand On Facebook Without Breaking The Bank

This all sounds great…

But how much does all this cost?

Remember I said earlier that because Facebook allows you to target your ads so they are only shown to people who are likely to do business with you.

So targeting people that own their own home in your area.

This means that you don’t need to waste money showing your ad to people that aren’t going to become your client eg. renters.

Here’s an example of an ad we created using these same parameters.

That for just a $20 budget has the potential to reach up to an over 3,800 people in your local community.


Facebook Ad Budget


Facebook can bring in an enormous amount of results from a very little amount of money.

In this example a budget of $20 has the potential to get you in front of 3,800 people

This is just an estimate provided by Facebook. Some ads will result in less than the estimated amount and some will result in much, much more.

This all depends on the quality of the ad and the amount of interaction that it gets when it is published.

As a rough estimate though a $20 spend can get you up to 3,800 people seeing this ad.

This compares hugely favourably to flyer drops to the same audience.

Benefits Of Advertising On Facebook

1. Give you tremendous good will with the vendor especially if its a value add for them

In fact you can use the vendor to ensure that your ad gets seen by more people.  By encouraging them to share the post.

2. It will get your name in front of a large group of highly targeted people in your farm area. And the true value of this strategy comes from a consistent effort wherein people in local community are consistently seeing you listing and selling houses similar to their own.

3.  It will help help to build your fans on Facebook as people seeing the add will click to follow. You can then build the relationship through

4. It will build your database. Your ad will send people to your website and not where they will be exposed to your call to actions and lead capture.

5. Retarget interested people. Facebook allows you to retarget people that have visited your website so as your content is always in front of people in the buying and selling cycle.

If you would like to talk further about using Facebook to build your brand and generate leads. Get in touch below.

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