10 Time Saving Real Estate Email Templates

As Real Estate Agents your time is a valuable commodity. You are often working on the fly, in the field at a moments notice.

Replying to emails can take up a large part of your day. Most of the time in emails, you are answering the same questions or saying relatively the same things.

Having a resource of template responses ready to go makes it much easier to respond and provide information to prospects and clients (even when you are out and about.)

Of course every Real Estate Agent will be sending slightly different emails depending on their areas, specialities and so on. But if you find yourself writing the same content over and over again, you should think about saving some of those responses so you can just copy and paste the meat of the response and personalise anything else wherever needed.

Here are 10 time saving email templates from Stacie Staub

Real Estate Agent Email Templates


1. Thanks for reaching out!

Whether someone registered on your website, filled out an appraisal form, called you about a property or reached out to you for some other reason, this email should be at the ready. Simply thank recipients for their interest and offer to help with whatever they might need. Make sure to provide all of your contact information and link to your website.


2. Ready to start your home search?

This email launches my buyer intake process. It asks several questions about what the client is looking for in their next home and also explains how our automated home search emails work. I can then use their reply to set up their home search and pull their first home tour.


3. Ready to sell your home?

This email is the first step in my seller intake process. It is a series of questions that helps me prepare for a listing appointment, and I use the reply to customise my listing presentation and collateral before meeting the seller.


4. Congratulations! We are under contract!

As soon as I have a fully executed agreement in place for a buyer, I send this email, which outlines the next steps in the homebuying journey — and also congratulates the client on having made it to this point in the process. It also includes three inspector recommendations and contains the questions that they should ask when deciding which inspector to hire. (I also have a version of this email for sellers.)


5. What to expect during an inspection

Once an inspection has been scheduled for my buyer, I send this email to let the client know what to expect on inspection day, how to prepare, what to bring with them to inspection, and so on. (I also have a version of this email for sellers.)


6. Time to order an appraisal — what’s next?!

As soon as we are through a buyer inspection, I send this email and copy the lender. It explains how the appraisal process works, outlines the possible outcomes and solutions, and acts as a trigger for the lender to order the appraisal. (I also have a version of this email for sellers.)


7. Loan conditions — stay on track to close on time

When we are through appraisal and headed toward the closing table, I send this email, which reminds the client and lender of the loan approval and closing deadlines. It also encourages the client to be diligent about lender requests and requirements so that we stay on track for an on-schedule closing.


8. Closing time

I send this to both buyers and sellers. I let them know what to expect at the closing table, remind them of the final walk-through, and also set the celebratory tone that I like to have at my closings!


9. Handymen I know and love

I’m constantly being asked for referrals for handymen and contractors, so I have this email ready to go with a list that I can send people immediately when they ask. It saves me from having to search for names and phone numbers. (I also have plumber and electrician versions of this email.)


10. If you love me … please show me a little online love

We all know how important online testimonials and reviews are to our future business. I like to have this one ready to go when someone asks me how they can thank me for a job well-done, for good advice or when I have helped someone out with whatever they needed. I like to say that the perfect way to thank me is to show me a little online love!

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